Their differences were the spark that started it all

"A rollercoaster of a love story that triumphs over a collision of cultures, family dynamics, an old lover, and new traditions." - Terry Fallis, two-time winner of the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour

"High sense of humour and deep knowledge of the characteristics of Egyptian and Canadian cultures" - Jamal Saeed, author of Yara's Spring and My Road from Damascus

Yousef's aspiration to fit into his new country of Canada is upended by the lies he hears from both sides—his traditional family trying to keep him entrenched in Egyptian Muslim culture and his new motorcycle-riding girlfriend Janelle, who disguises her fear of commitment as a freewheeling lifestyle. Yoga-pant-and-flipflop-wearing Janelle is the living embodiment of the adventurous life that camel-hair-coat-and-shiny-shoes Yousef has long craved. Yet his desire to enjoy life with her can only be realized in the shadows, far from the prying eyes of his scheming family. At the same time, Janelle, too, grapples with her own struggles and undisclosed realities. Will the family intrigue, deception, and the chasm of cultural differences push Yousef and Janelle apart, or can the unbreakable bonds of affection triumph over all obstacles?

Quotation Mark

If you are looking for an engaging book with excellent character development, this one is well worth your time. There are lots of comedic elements to the meeting and relationship between the two protagonists, and the surrounding characters are well-developed, both in how they're described and also how they create drama for the protagonist couple.

What readers are saying

Quotation Mark

What drew me to this book was that it was a little different from what I usually read and that the authors live in Kingston, Ontario. I lived in Kingston from 2010 to 2020, so I felt a bit of “home” in this book. This book is fantastic, and I just couldn’t put it down. It had significant character development and made me laugh aloud a few times. I highly recommend it.

Quotation Mark

A fun romp about romance set against a clash of cultures. Great humour in the book. The characters are very engaging. It is very cinematic. I could totally see it as a movie.


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