I provide a full range of documentation services:

Writing, editing, and publishing

Business analysis

Documentation project management

Proposal writing and editing

Writing, editing, and publishing. Good writers take your ideas and craft them in such a way that it reads better than you could have said it yourself. Here is where life experience counts. I am formally trained in writing and received several awards from the time that I was a teenager. Over the past 20 years, I have been involved in thousands of projects in over 30 subject areas, from business to science to health, and everything in between. It's actually rare that I encounter a topic that I haven't had experience in, so I am able to work alongside you from the very beginning.

Business analysis. When I began working on IT projects, I was also asked to deliver business analysis documentation: business cases, business rules, disaster recovery plans, gap analyses, requirements, process flows, and so on. The documents are different, but the process is not. I define the scope, requirements, and approach, and get to work. It's all documentation, and I use my combined background in journalism, science, and IT to get it done.

Documentation project management. Many writers run away from project management, which is obviously a hurdle to getting projects done on time, within budget, and to the quality standards you expect. The good news is, I routinely and as a matter of course apply project management principles to all my projects. I have managed demanding projects (up to 15 resources) and I also teach project management for writers at Humber Institute. When I couldn't find a textbook I liked for my class, I wrote one myself. Students have given the class a 99% recommend rating. Whether it is a small or large project, I deliver the products on time, within budget, and to the quality standards you expect.

Proposal writing and editing. One of the major risks my clients face in writing proposals is not knowing or understanding the evaluation process. Writing a proposal involves a significant resource effort. So, do everything you can to win. I have worked on all sides of this business. I wrote major proposals (up to $50 million). I also wrote requirements and evaluation criteria for RFPs (up to $25 million). I even designed the entire evaluation process and trained government evaluators in how to assess the quality of a proposal. This government experience on major projects has proven to be a significant benefit to my clients.

Pamela is clearly a bright, multitalented and hard-working person who takes her work seriously...she easily ranks in the top 10% of the students.
Professor Emeritus, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Pam has always amazed me with her insights and results. I know she’ll get to the root of an issue and come up with workable, effective solutions.
IT Project Manager
Pam ranks within the top 5%…I would hire her for any position at any level of the organization that involves critical thinking and communication skills.
President and CEO, Emergency Provider
Pam was very adept at all aspects of her job. She quickly learned new technology and eagerly accepted new challenges.
Project Manager
Pam creates a really friendly working atmosphere and is talented with superb organizational skills. She is an asset wherever she goes.
Planning Engineer
Pam is a focused and proficient writer, demonstrating strong leadership skills through her willingness to develop and mentor others.
Senior Training Developer
Great course. One of the best. Very challenging, thought-provoking, and practical assignments. Pamela was excellent.
Student, Humber Institute
Pamela was wonderful to work for because she always had her finger on the pulse of the project and was very effective in removing any roadblocks.
Senior Information Designer