Book Writing & Publishing
Write your book. What could be more exciting? It gives me absolute pleasure to help people write and publish their books. When you have a strong message and a skilled professional to help you convey your ideas, it’s a perfect time to publish.
Technical Writing
Technical writing is my first love. I'm crazy about it. Whether it is for IT, health, or business, I can't get enough of it. In fact, I liked technical writing so much I decided to teach. My class is consistently given a 99% rating for more than 15 terms.
Business Analysis
Need somebody who can think logically, identify gaps, and create process? Look no further. I have helped clients identify business needs and determine solutions through improved process, requirements gathering, and business planning.
Proposal Writing
You hire a professional proposal writer in order to win. It's that simple. The problem is, many proposal writers have never worked on the "inside" training evaluators and evaluating proposals. I have. And I can give you the "inside edge" to help you win.
When to Hire A Professional Writer
Professional writers, like all professionals, are not cheap. Sometimes when you think you may need a professional writer, you actually just need a good template. Or style guide. Or some writing tips. Or an editor. I can help you understand your actual needs.

There are definitely times when you should consider hiring a professional writer. In the end, they could save you time, money, and loads of frustration. I have shaved weeks off project timelines and saved clients more than $500K through innovative approaches. Sometimes hiring a writer is simply worth it.

You should consider hiring a professional writer when:

Inaccurate content may cause legal issues.

Mistakes in content could cause costly rewrites.

Your image matters, such as in book publishing.

You have different levels of users who are not experts.

Your technical experts make more money than writers.

Poor content could result in more customer dissatisfaction.

You have a very talented teacher in Pamela Paterson. Both the college and the students are lucky she chooses to teach.
Student, Humber Institute
It's been a great pleasure working with you. You've consistently proven yourself to be highly professional, competent and always timely.
Project Manager, Celestica
You have been an immense asset to our project and it is the one area that has received huge compliments.
Senior Manager, Information Systems, Honda
Pamela works extremely hard, is very customer-focused, learns quickly, and draws well on her extensive knowledge of the subject.
Director, Humber Institute