About Pamela PAterson
In the past 20 years, I’ve written thousands of articles, papers, and books in over 30 subject areas. I have written about business to science to health, and everything in between.

Here are the quick facts:

Writing consultant in over 30 subject areas.

Specialties in book publishing, technical writing, business analysis, and proposals.

College instructor for writing course (15 terms at a 99% rating).

Certificate in Information Design (with Distinction).

Honors Bachelor of Journalism from one of Canada's top universities for journalism.

Masters of Chemical and Life Sciences: 4.0 GPA and inducted into the same honor society as Hilary Rodham Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

My work has taken me into a variety of interesting roles—business information analyst, business process analyst, business writer, communications officer, documentation project manager, process and knowledge management consultant, proposal writer, senior editor, technical writer, and trainer.

I work with global companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, and Honda, as well as individuals and small businesses. I work on small projects and also manage large multi-writer projects, depending on the needs of my client. Simply said, I love writing.

I also love mentoring. I’m a strong supporter of education and mentoring, both as a college instructor and founder of a bursary for journalism students. I never tire of mentoring junior writers and those in transition. For this work I was awarded the Society for Technical Communication Distinguished Chapter Service award.

I live in Toronto, Canada and work globally, speaking at conferences, conducting workshops, and helping clients with their writing projects.

Find any job that you want in this company, and I will make it happen. If the job you want does not exist, I will create it.
VP, MDS Sciex
I've really enjoyed working with you...You have been an excellent addition to the team.
Director, Product Development, IBM (was DWL)
You spent a great deal of time and effort. I’m sure the help system will be as helpful to the global user community as it has been to me.
Senior User, Honda
Enjoyed the course. Pamela is an excellent instructor.
Student, Humber Institute
Pam is a team player and a "quick study" on issues. She recognizes target audiences and how to reach them, and delivers products on time.
Director, Communications, Environment Canada
Great course. Very dedicated professor.
Student, Humber Institute